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Family Walk-In Clinic provides a wide range of services that are available for urgent care walk-in basis, as well as by appointment during our regular office hours.

Urgent Care

“Urgent care” is non-emergency medical service made available when you perceive an immediate need.

Urgent care services can help you with a non-emergency illness or injury. Urgent care services are very often more appropriate and less expensive than going to a hospital emergency department for non-emergency treatment.

Urgent care services include access to many services, including (but not limited to) laboratory testing, x-rays, sutures, and foreign body removal.

We provide Urgent care for Minor injuries, Burns, Sprains, Cuts, Ear Wax Removal, Foreign body, Bumps & bruises, Minor illnesses, Sinus infections, Colds & Flu, Urinary tract infections, Bronchitis and Strep throat.                                

Appointment Care

We also provide primary care by appointment so that our practioners can be your doctors.

We provide Primary care for

High blood pressure, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders, Wellness and Preventative care visits.


Famiy Walk-In Clinic provides a variety of pediactric vaccinations as well as some adult vaccinations.  We participate with  Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) and Vaccines for Children Program (VFC).

Physical Examinations

A variety physical examinations can be performed including but not limited to:Pre-employment Department of Transportation (DOT)*, Daycare, Other examinations customized to meet your specific needs

* We perform DOT vision tests and DOT physicals in accordance with DOT guidelines and using the DOT form.  We have certified federal drug screen specialists on staff. 

We can provide a comprehensive general physical with labs, including chemistry, complete blood count, thyroid function with TSH, and a full lipid panel. Peakflow, FEV1 and twelve-lead EKGs are also available, if needed.

We also perform school, camp, and sports examinations…without an appointment!